Jorge Castañeda and Mexican resistance

Hearing this piece on NPR this morning was utterly invigorating.

I wish more people in positions of political leadership and influence adopted the posture of Jorge Castañeda.

His comments on what Mexico can do in opposition to the incoming administration were simply outstanding.

Spine, guts, backbone–call it whatever you want–what I take away from this is a picture of a will to fight, to resist, and to adopt means that fall perhaps outside the more conventional forms of diplomacy; a little beyond the usual courtesies and pirouettes and accommodations and so forth.

Would that the opposition in this country were founded of a thousand Castañedas!

Leaders who will accept no shit.

Meanwhile, the Democrats…

Jeff Sessions, beacon of misery

‘“Yes,” Mr. Sessions said. “This country doesn’t punish its political enemies.”

…and this has passed with nary a comment.

This is meant to reassure.

No one on that committee called him on this.

My prediction: this gutless assembly of August Senators will confirm every single nomination. The Democrats will ask a few impolite questions. Nothing much will happen.

What the Democrats should do is shut the whole farce down, like that execrable actual garbage fire McConnell did with hearings on Merrick Garland.