Pather Panchali

I introduced Kiowa to Satyajit Ray and the timelessly beautiful Pather Panchali this weekend. It was at the limit of quietness and pace for what he’ll find engrossing, but as he has with other challenging films for an 11 year old–Bresson’s A Man Escaped, particularly comes to mind–he nonetheless becomes involved and committed. He knows he can really bail out if he wants to, but he stays with it, and I really admire that about it.

As it relates more directly to me, it’s been quite a few years since I watched Pather Panchali, and not only is it as beautiful and profound and delightful as I ever remembered, it’s actually even MORE beautiful and profound and delightful.

In fact, I’m sure I wasn’t a father yet when I last watched it, and that may be adding to the richness of this film.

What a marvel of poetry.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it for the last three days. I want to go back in to it again and just stay there.

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