Paul Ryan, Catholic

Yesterday, I was thinking about Paul Ryan, and his positioning as a thoughtful man of conscience, integrity, and, as a Catholic.
Reza Aslan effectively, succinctly points to the brazen hypocrisy of Ryan’s stance over the last year. We all know about that.
What I can’t fathom is how a man of such apparently sincere Catholic faith can be so anti-human in his actual deeds as third most powerful man in America.
It is especially heart-rending given the explicit dictates of Pope Francis himself, and many other members of the Catholic clergy. This video may help understand that:
I wonder how Paul Ryan faces his priest every Sunday. How does he reconcile himself with his church and God every week?
His soul must retch every waking moment of his life.
I have good friends who are devout Catholics. For reasons I won’t bore you with here, I have a bit-more-than-average understanding of the Church and its many related institutions for a layperson.
I do not understand how someone like Mr. Ryan can function as a professed Catholic.
So what I began to wonder about yesterday was this:
Is there some sort of possibility within the church, across all the countless parishes across this country, to appeal to your priests, laity, staff, and anyone else with a working position in the church to organize a movement to pressure and/or censure Mr. Ryan for his fundamentally anti-Catholic position?
Is this possible?
Is it possible to focus such efforts sufficiently such that his own priest might take him aside, and admonish him, guide him, re-direct him somewhat closer to the will of the church itself?
Because right now, Paul Ryan is not acting as a Catholic.
He is, in so many ways, an apostate. An infidel.
And the church should gather him up and save him, and thus, perhaps, create a man at the helm of his party who may actually begin to return to living his stated positions when this president was a candidate.
Or is Paul Ryan simply the demon I always believed him to be?
History, and his god, will ultimately be the judge. But right now, there are people who need help, and the Church is about help, not hindrance.
Catholics: I’m calling on you to talk to your leadership and clergy. Fix your brother Ryan.

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