Shut it all down

What to do?

I know y’all are sick of me and everyone else raging against the bullshit, but seriously, how do we let this pass? ¬†How do we accept that the senate can sit there–with exceptions Cory Booker and John Lewis being honest heroes–and go through this farcical process like it’s all okay and normal and part of the plan?

How loud can we all be?

WHERE do we raise those voices?

How do we shut this down?

No more business as usual. That’s what I want. This shouldn’t be happening.
But who and/or what agency and/or group of people have the power to actually bring this ride to a halt, for the safety of the passengers?
Maybe that execrable, weak excuse for a human being will still be president, even after every single path and inquiry has been exhausted, but I don’t see how anyone with a conscience can let this be okay right now.

Everyone is failing.

Pretty much every news outlet is failing. They’re all aghast–you can hear it in their voices, in the diction; they are stunned, confused–but they keep doing their dutiful best to maintain The Process.

The Process is destroying us.

The Process needs to be stopped.


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